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  • Industrial Strategy and the Automotive Sector Deal – just more talk or a worthwhile exercise?

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    Mills and ReeveOn 10 January the Government launched the Automotive Sector Deal, providing support for the sector in the implementation of the Industrial Strategy.

    What is clear from both the Industrial Strategy and the Automotive Sector Deal is that the UK Automotive industry is seen as a beacon of hope and opportunity, particularly in the brave new world post EU. Automotive is at the cutting edge of global challenges and significant developments in how we live, work and play and also forms a large percentage of our exports. Many sectors and players have a role to play in ensuring its continuing ability to adapt and play on the world stage. Each of the five foundations of the Industrial Strategy play into the development of the Automotive Sector, hence the partnership between Government and Industry to push the sector forward.

    So what does the Automotive Sector Deal do?
    Arguably, it reiterates commitments identified in the Industrial Strategy, re-packages funding and initiatives which are already in place and many of the projects highlighted are fairly short term in commitment. We do, however, get clarity on the key initial commitments of both government and industry and it is evident this is intended to be a longer term play, not a short term PR stunt. Here’s hoping…

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  • Are electric cars an aspirational purchase at last?

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    Mills and ReeveIt’s a long road ahead, but could new electric vehicles see an end to the internal combustion engine?

    It wasn’t long ago that if you mentioned electric vehicles (EVs) you would most likely imagine a golf buggy or a driverless monorail accessing airports or leisure parks. No more. Now we have the £100k+ BMW i8, a “plug-in-hybrid” which can reach 0-62 mph in 4.4 seconds and the equally impressive Tesla Model S with its fully electric kWh all-wheel drive, which can accelerate to 62 mph in 2.7 seconds. They are already becoming the envy of the school pick-up and boasting these amazing performance figures, are exciting even serious petrol heads (who incidentally will need to look for a new collective noun in the future).

    These new models are the pinnacle of what is definitely now a seismic and systemic change in the automotive world and reflects changing attitudes. It may even signal the end of the internal combustion engine – but not for some time yet as, pun intended, it is a long road to when that will be completely the case and this article explains a little bit about why that has to be the case.

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